In 1873, the printer, binder, & mystic, Dr. Alexander Konstantin Scribe made the acquaintance of one Duchess Sabine Juniper, heiress, herbalist, & amateur cartographer, while traveling aboard a steamer ship bound for a lesser known port in Singapore. A chance meeting  of the two in the ship’s modest library would set off a series of metaphysical events building a circuitous route towards the eventual founding of Juniper&Scribe, Ltd. …

An alternative history:
Juniper&Scribe, Ltd. is a creative services company that has experience with a vast array of clients ranging from projects
with other creative practitioners & firms, independent scholars, sports organizations, corporate clients, and cultural institutions of all genres & sizes.


Founded by James C. Cameron Silva, Mr. Silva possesses nearly two decades of professional experience in graphic design with the vast majority of that within the museum & exhibit design industry. In addition to his professional experience,
he holds a BFA and MA in Design. 
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Nimble enough to take on smaller clients and projects, Juniper&Scribe also has
a network of creative collaborators to tackle robust endeavors that require a diverse skill set – such as exhibit design, spatial planning, content development, or
new media.


Juniper&Scribe has also worked with other firms and groups to bring pre-existing projects from any stage of completion through to production and implementation.


We love museums, books, visual stuff, words, ideas, histories (both real & invented), products of culture, and sound
& vision. And we get a metaphysical
kick out of designing things to communicate concepts and to enliven the spaces
around us.