This area is that drawer you have in your kitchen. You know the
one – the one where you keep some pens, the take-out menus,
some random twine, tape, possibly expired batteries, super glue, shoelaces without mates, and a few stray rubber bands & paper
clips. Things that don't have a place anywhere else. Your own personal Island of Misfit Toys.


At the moment, this will be a place for the academic work of James Silva (founder of J&S) and few other curios.

For my major project for my MA in Design, I explored the electronic book and completed a series of media pieces based on different chapters from J.B. Priestley’s Delight. It was an investigation on how media could be used to illustrate and inform the written word. In the HOME|WORK section you will find samples of the five media chapters – Fountains, Walk in a Pine Wood, Smell of Tahiti, Wood, and Orchestras Creeping in to Piano.


In addition, to the practice based work, I also had to complete
a written thesis and design and produce a final installation/exhibit space for the work.


The full dissertation is avaiable here.

An edited version was also published by the British design journal Desearch which can be viewed here.


The exhibit featured the installed media pieces in addition to collected objects that were used to accentuate elements that could not be conveyed through strictly screen based media.


To the right are images of the finished exhibit, the packaged objects, and additional screen shots from the Fountains interactive.

a b c:
This was a sub web site that I built just to provide a place for a collection of collages. I believe all of these were from the 90s & early 00s, but the practice of producing weird items like this (for
no real purpuse) still continues when I get a spare moment.
Sample screen shots to the right or visit the full site here.

This definitely fits within the context of really having no good place to be, so ends up here. Think of it as a digital doodle. A place that developed organically and just took on a life of its own through playing with SketchUp & Premiere.

Luol The Cat:
This was a get well soon card of sorts for a friend’s sister masquerading as a video of my cat.